200 Do-It-Yourself Online Marketing Tools

200 DIY Online Marketing Tools

Online Marketing Platforms

GooPages provides you a way to build a great company profile, add videos, images, brochures, coupons, news, and more. You can even run your own online store through GooPages. They don’t take a commission on sales. They don’t charge a transaction fee. The sale is completely between you and your customers. It provides ways for you to share your content, news and updates on social media and more. There’s a free plan, a business plan, business pro, and business pro plus. You can compare all the plans and features here.

Safety and Security Tools

Codeguard monitors your website and creates regular backups. At $5/month it’s a steal. Having a backup is crucial and saves you a lot of money compared to rebuilding your site when a big problem occurs. Check out how it works here.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Google Keyword Planner – Helps you choose the right keywords to target in your content. Click here.

Keyword Suggestion Tool – UberSuggest allows you to type in a keyword or phrase, then provides you a list of related keywords and phrases to target. Build your keyword list in seconds.

Google Mobile Compatibility TestCheck to make sure your website is mobile-friendly by Google standards.

Google Website Speed Test – Not only does your website need to be compatible with mobile devices, it needs to load fast on those devices and on PCs. Check the speed of your website on both here. it will also suggest what you need to do to improve it.

GTMetrix Speed Test – More detailed speed test with great suggestions for improving the load time of you site. Try it.

SEM RushAdd your URL and see how many backlinks you have and if they are follow or nofollow. Also compare your site to your competitors.

If you want help with SEO, click here and tell us what you want in the messages section and we’ll give you a free consultation.

PPC Tools

FaceBook Power Editor – Create Facebook ads using the power editor.

Facebook Go – Get help from Facebook Representatives for your Facebook ad campaigns. (Must be spending $25/day on Ads) Facebook Go

Twitter Website Cards get 60% more click-thrus than regular tweets. You can create them for sharing with your followers for free or use their targeted pay-per-click system to show your ads outside of your network, targeting the demographics you choose. Learn more.

Pinterest Promoted Pins help you share your images with people outside of your network to drive more traffic to your website. you can also sell directly to your customers from your pins. More here.

Google Adwords can be costly if you don’t know how to use it, so be careful. It’s more complicated than PPC through the social networks listed above. To learn more about Google Adwords, click here.

Bing Ads may drive less traffic, but the conversion rates are usually better than Google Adwords. These are also the ads shown on Yahoo! Set up a Bing Ads account here.

If you need help with PPC ad setup or management, click here and tell us what you want in the messages section and we’ll be happy to give you a free quote or provide you with the training you need.

Content Creation and Editing Tools

Online-Convert helps you convert one file format to another and it’s free. Click here.

SmallPDF is another great tool. It converts different file formats to PDF and PDF files into other formats. Take a look.

Wondershare has a great PDF editor that allows you to edit, convert, digitally sign, and password protect PDF files. You can also OCR Digitize text. Go to this page for more info.

Customer Focus Calculator, also known as the We-We-Calculator. Funny name, but it will analyze the content you’ve written to see whether you are focused on the customer as you should be or if you talk too much about yourself and your company. Try it free here.

InstantPublisher.com – How to write your own ebook. This page explains the whole process of creating and publishing your own ebooks. Ebooks are a great way to establish your expertise and offering them to your website visitors in exchange for signing up for your newsletter can help you build that email list you need.

CreateSpace – Another great place to self-publish ebooks. Read More.

InkBrush helps you create responsive/mobile compatible emails and is very easy to use. Take a look.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Generator – Quick and easy to use. Create yours here.

If you need content for articles, blog posts, press releases or your website written by pros, click here and tell us what you want in the messages section and we’ll give you a free quote.

Landing Page Design and Creation Tools

36 Landing Page Design Examples – See what successful landing pages should look like on this post.

Landing Page Template for WordPress – InboundMarketingNow.com provides you an easy way to create great landing pages using WordPress.

Leadpages.net – Landing page templates for sale. Many as low as $10 each. Click here.

OptimizePress has landing page templates and a lot of them are free. See some of them here.

Social Media Tools

BitlyShorten URLs for social media posts.

44 Other Social Media Tools – There are so many social media tools, no need to repeat this list.

If you want help with social media business page and profile creation, social media marketing or social selling, click here and tell us what you want in the messages section and we’ll give you a free consultation.

Form and Survey Tools

Google Forms – Create forms, surveys and Q&As. Also gives you analytics data on your forms. Get it here.

QuickwebForm – Need a quick way to add a form on a page or blog post? This one is free and you can create a form in less than a minute.

EasyPolls – Simple way to create polls for your blog or website. Create a poll and get the code here.

Design and Graphics Tools

30 easy-to-use data visualization tools. This post from Fastcodedesign.com shares a lot of tools you can use to create visually-compelling content.

Choosing the right Logo Colors and how they represent your brand. This infographic from Entrepreneur Magazine can help you choose the right colors for your logo.

Google Rich Media Gallery – Learn how to create rich media for your visitors using the tools provided here.

Favicon Generator – Quickly create your favicon from images in any format. It’s free.

Pixlr – Edit images using this online tool for $1.99/month. Add lots of effects and more.

PikToChart – Create your own infographics using great templates, the icons and clipart they provide, or upload your own images to use. Free trial.

Usability Hub lets you test your any page by adding your page to their tool, then they have users interact with your design, then they give you the results that include what the users click on or ignore. Helps you improve your navigation. Try it free.

If you want help with website design, Joomla, WordPress, HTML or any other platform, click here and tell us what you want in the messages section and we’ll give you a free consultation.

Keeping up with the latest Online Marketing Info

Google Webmaster Blog – The latest about changes Google makes regarding SEO and more. View it here.

Internet Marketer Chris McElroy on LinkedIn – With 20 years of online marketing experience, he shares posts that range from how to write high-quality content to blogging tips, WordPress tips, social media marketing tips, SEO, and more. Browse his posts here.

Local Search Tools and Business Directories

GooPagesList your business with GooPages here.

Yahoo! LocalList your business with Yahoo! Local here.

Bing PlacesList your business with Bing Places here.

YPList your business with YP here. (Says free, but this is the yellow Pages, so be prepared for them to hard-sell upgrades)

50 More Local DirectoriesThis post lists 50 local directories that are recommended by HubSpot – (Be aware, managing that many online directories can cost you a lot of time. Choose wisely. The top 3 mentioned above may be all you need.)

If you want help listing your business in multiple directories, click here and tell us what you want in the messages section. We’ll give you a free quote.


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