Elio Pizzeria

351 Rue de Bellechasse, Montreal, QC H2S 1X1
  514 276-5341 514 276-5341
Elio Pizzeria
351 Rue de Bellechasse,
Montreal, QC
H2S 1X1
 514 276-5341 514 276-5341
 11:00  -  21:30
 11:00  -  23:00
 11:00  -  23:00
 11:00  -  23:00
 11:00  -  23:00
 11:00  -  23:00
 11:00  -  21:00
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55 Years, 8 Months
It has been many years that the likable Elio and his wife Nina from the province of Avellino close to Naples have opened the doors of Restaurant Elio Pizzeria.

We must say that this restaurant is not just a simple pizzeria, Elio and family offer to their North American customers typical Neapolitans Home Style dishes.

During all these years, Restaurant Elio has served numerous and faithful customers. When the restaurant first opened in 1964, it had the ability to serve only 18 diners. Today, Elio and family are proud of being able to accommodate more than 700 individuals due to their two reception halls (Buffet Anna Maria).

With a gentle smile, Elio and Family wish you a great home style food experience, one you won't surely forget.

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