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Business owners like yourself are offered a lot of ways to promote your business online. You get emails and other notifications or even phone calls telling you this tool or that website or these services are essential to your online success.

But you don't have time to use them all. So, obviously the ultimate question business owners want to know is...

"How is this tool going to help my business and is it worth the time I put into it?"

How does GooPages differ from all of the other local business directories?

GooPages is a lot more than "just another business listing". It's an online marketing platform. Most business directories are simply the name of your business, address, phone number and maybe a link to your website. They're designed to just give you another link to your website.
Years ago, when Google would give value to those links, it was a great idea to be in a lot of them. But Google has changed. It's more important to be in the right local business directories than in the most business directories.
Each directory your business is listed in should be updated periodically and needs to have some activity in order for it to rank well enough in the search engines for potential customers to find your business listing.
Those business directories that are just your basic information and that aren't active have very little or no value to your business.

Take a look at an example of a local business profile on GooPages

That means choosing local business directories with tools you'll actually use

That's exactly why GooPages was created. Here are some of the tools you'll have that are definitely worth your time and money.
Mobile Compatibility - You know those business directories you probably paid someone to add your business too? Maybe there were hundreds of them. Are they all up-to-date with Google's new rules about being compatible with mobile devices?
If they were added to directories that existed before these new rules Google made this year, they may not be mobile compatible. Do you even have the time to check?
GooPages is fully optimized for the search engines on both PCs and all mobile devices.
Business Categories - We're always updating the categories you can list your business under and with the Business Pro Plan or Business Pro Plus Plan you can list your local business under multiple categories.
Categories provide another way for potential customers to find you on GooPages and on the search engines.
Online Store - Not everyone sells directly to customers through the web, but if you do, our online store tool is a great option. There is no additional monthly fee. It comes with both the Business Pro and Business Pro Plus Plans.
GooPages does not charge transaction fees or commissions. You choose your own payment processor and the money goes directly to you.
You can easily create description pages for each individual product or service you offer through your store. And these aren't the little 25 word descriptions. We offer you a full page to describe the product or service so it can be optimized for the search engines.
Google Maps and Streetview - We've integrated Google maps and Streetview into your profile. When someone searches for something on their PC or mobile device and finds your GooPages listing, it's easy for them to find and visit your business or store.
Here's an example of how the map is integrated into your GooPages Business Profile.
The whole idea is for potential customers to easily find you both online and offline.
Image and Video Galleries - There are some online directories that allow you to upload images and/or videos, but they are just all mixed together and usually just in the order in which you uploaded them.
That means if you have a lot of images or videos a potential customer doesn't have any good way to sort them. With GooPages, you can create categories for your images in your image gallery and in your video gallery, helping your customers find exactly what they are looking for.
And it helps optimize your images and videos to be found in the search engines. Here's a small example of images that are in different categories and here's one with videos.
Images and videos, especially when shared on social media are the most effective ways to reach new customers.
Documents Section - You can upload PDF files to the documents section of your website and link to them from blog posts or on social media. Create and upload white papers, ebooks, brochures, sales material and more.
Why is this a good idea?
More information for your current and potential customers of course, but also search engines index these documents so it provides another way for your potential new customers to find your local business listing at GooPages.
Here's an example of categorized documents uploaded to a profile.
The more things you upload to your profile, the more ways there are for customers to find you.
Social Networking - GooPages provides you with tools to help you share your news, documents, videos, images, products, services, GooPons and more on places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and others.
Helping you bring you new customers through the search engines and through social media is something we've spent a lot of time on.
GooPons - We offer more than 2000 templates for you to use to create great looking coupons to offer your current and potential customers online.
You can also add your own coupons that you have already designed or design custom coupons and upload those. GooPon Example designed by one of our members.
Coupons and special offers help you stand out from your competition, build repeat business and attract new customers.
Testimonials, Reviews and Ratings - You can add testimonials from your current customers. They can also rate and review your business.
How is that different from Yelp, Angie's List and others?
Those review sites have policies that do not allow you to encourage customers to give your business a good review. They hide reviews that are positive if they suspect the person was encouraged to post the review.
We at GooPages don't see anything wrong with asking happy customers to share their positive experience with your business.
It's no different than telling a satisfied customer; "Tell your friends about us". Then both you and your customers can share those positive reviews on social media to bring in more business.
People are more likely to buy from a business that has been recommended from people they trust.
The GooNetwork - Recommend other local businesses you like to your customers. Recommending others is a good way to get them to also recommend you. More people do business with someone recommended by someone they trust than any other method of promotion or advertising.
Here's an example of a recommendation by one of our members about another member.
Networking with others is a tried and true method of promoting your business online and offline.
GooNews - This provides you a way to share press releases, announcements and other news about your business. Distributing press releases and news is another great way for people to find your GooPages local business listing in the search engines.
Your news can even be categorized to make it easier to manage, easier for people who want to read your updates, and easier for the search engines to properly rank your news for the right keywords and phrases.
Making announcements or doing press releases periodically increases the interest in your business.
The GooLetter - The monthly newsletter we send to all of our members offering you business promotion tips for both online and offline promotions.
Our experienced small business marketing experts share actionable tips with you. We want to do everything we can to help you succeed.
The GooBlog - Our business tips blog is updated daily to make sure you have the latest information about the search engines, social media, offline advertising and promotions, new tools available to your business, mobile marketing tips and more.
Your subscription to our blog is free and it's written by professionals with years of successful marketing experience.
Tags - Tags provide more help for the search engines so they can properly rank your local business for the right keywords and phrases. We want people to find your listing in the search engines.
GooPages is focused on helping people find your profile and business listing, not just our directory.

GooPages isn't just another local business directory listing for your business

It is a tool that will help you rank well in the search engines, help you with your social media campaigns, help you get more positive reviews, help you sell your products and/or services.
The low price for the paid memberships, the free membership, and the easy-to-use dashboard make GooPages the place to list your local business. If you have any other questions about GooPages, contact us here
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